Our turtles combine your favorite nuts with caramel and milk (M) or dark (D) chocolate┬áto create the perfect bite. Choose from…
M/D Almond
M/D Cashew
M/D Pecan
M/D Maple Pecan (Seasonal)
M/D Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Special Order)
Not a fan of caramel? We’ve got you covered. Our clusters use chocolate and a variety of delicious ingredients. Try one of these…
M/D Almond Cluster
M/D Cashew Cluster
M/D Coconut Cluster
M/D Peanut Cluster
M/D Pecan Cluster
M/D Raisin Cluster
Barks take your favorite fillings and encase them in chocolate. Presented in a break-up-bar so you can share…or not ; )
M/D Almond Bark
M/D Cashew Bark
M/W Oreo Bark
M/D Peanut Bark
M/D Pecan Bark
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark
Dark Mint Bark
Trail Mix Bark (Seasonal)
Mixed Fruit and Nut Bark (Seasonal)
Peppermint Bark (Seasonal)